Kayaking – Seasons

Kayaking is a brilliant sport that people all around the world love to enjoy, with different types of water bodies and rivers that you can have great fun kayaking on, it raises some questions. One question that may come to the mind of many people is, what time of year is best for kayaking. Thinking simply about whether, one would normally say summer, but realistically, there is more to take into account.

One thing that you may think about is the scenery, the beauty of what is going on around you, many people love kayaking in the snow and around icebergs as you get to see beautiful things from an amazing perspective on the water. The main issue with this is obviously the cold, if you fall into the freezing water then you could be in for a real shock!

Many people would argue that summer is the best time to go kayaking, a nice warm day on the river with some friends is quite idyllic and it is understandable as to why so many people enjoy a warm summers day to go kayaking.

In Autumn you get to see some perfect images when kayaking, going down a leaf-covered river with the warm Autumn sun on your skin is quite a nice thought, kayaking in the Autumn is great as the waterways are less congested by other boats and the landscape around you looks amazing as the hot summer draws to an end.