Canoeing and Kayaking – Reasons to

Canoeing and kayaking are both great activities to do for all the family, everyone can get involved and enjoy some nice time on the river on a warm summers day. It is very easy to get started, you can either rent a boat, which is normally not very expensive at all, or you can buy your own, which is also not very expensive. It is very inclusive, and this is the exact reason people all around the world love to partake in canoeing and kayaking.

Canoeing is great as you can have many people in a boat at once if you wish to, so this makes it very great as team-bonding or just some lovely family time away from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Furthermore, both activities are great for your health as it gets you active in a fun way when you do kayaking or canoeing often, you often build up a lot of strength in your arms and back due to moving the paddle so repetitively. Both are also classed as ‘low impact activities,’ unlike running, or football, you’re not having any sudden impact that can cause damage to your body, everything is very fluid.

Lastly, canoeing and kayaking is a brilliant way to enjoy the wonderful waterways of today, appreciating and raising awareness of the importance of our waterways is a must, we must preserve them and their beauty for future generations to enjoy.